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Acting Out, page 13

20th Jan 2014, 7:22 AM in Acting Out
Acting Out, page 13

Author Notes

Zomburai 20th Jan 2014, 7:22 AM edit delete
Really wish I'd taken a second pass on the dialogue, here, as what happened isn't really clear. Lynn was sent out the front door as a distraction, and Lilith went out the window to meet Lynn at the park, where hopefully by this point Goofus and Gallant had lost interest. Whoops.

Skrael's working her magic on the last few pages in the chapter! Normally I'm excited, but like with Rob, I'm more disheartened at the idea of not seeing the awesome versions of these characters.

Also, if I may interject with sportsball fan-stuff... my beloved Seahawks are GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! My whole week is suddenly so much better. :D

See you Friday, everyone!


KarToon12 20th Jan 2014, 11:06 AM edit delete reply
For some reason, I have a bad feeling that Lynn isn't going to live much longer, now that she knows about the dragon. :(
Zomburai 20th Jan 2014, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
If it makes you feel any better, Lynn isn't a princess, either?
Draginbeard 20th Jan 2014, 11:34 PM edit delete reply
Oh wow, I know this may seem like a minor detail, but I LOVE the reflection off the car windshield!!
Zomburai 21st Jan 2014, 9:09 PM edit delete reply
I also love the shadow effect in the second-to-last panel!
Guest 21st Jan 2014, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
Thank you Draginbeard :D I was pretty proud of how that part turned out, myself :P