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Personal Spaces, page 36

8th Aug 2014, 6:42 AM in Personal Spaces
Personal Spaces, page 36

Author Notes

Zomburai 8th Aug 2014, 6:42 AM edit delete
"Sipping" is not a talent that Asuka understands or care about.


New Patreon reward goes up tonight! Everything you might want to know a Jaime Jiminez, who made his debut near the beginning of this very chapter!

That's all I've got for today! See you next week!


Draginbeard 8th Aug 2014, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
Asuka appears to be the embodiment of Spartan living.

Okay, so Roland and Asuka are damn near complete opposites.

Roland seems to be more of a free spirit, and Asuka is tuned and focused...can this even work out?

Most relationships end badly with someone getting their feelings hurt. And that's bad enough. But here, with characters living in a world so full of strange, ending badly could just as easily mean someone got mauled by an off-dimensional creature wearing an 'I am a Cthulhu finger puppet' tee-shirt.

JustSomeGuy 8th Aug 2014, 7:36 AM edit delete reply
They do seem like opposites, but I think that is part of the attraction between them. They both respect each other's fighting prowess. But they may see something in the other that they want, or want to be. Remember Asuka's little shower fantasy? She is disciplined, focussed, to the point where she is almost a machine... but she's still human, with humans drives, urges, and emotions. Roland, while just as skilled as she, is as you say, more of a free spirit.
I think that Asuka would love to have that kind of freedom while retaining her skills, and Roland appreciates her dedication and stoicism.
Who is to say what attracts anyone to anyone? Ah well. This is a great story, so let's see where the cards fall.
Draginbeard 8th Aug 2014, 2:56 PM edit delete reply
I think the fighting arts is the one thing they both have in common, right now, anyway.

Hopefully they can build on that mutual respect and have a lasting relationship.

Having said that, its been my sad experience that while opposites attract, its often the very same thing that splits them up again.
Zomburai 8th Aug 2014, 7:27 PM edit delete reply
This is my favorite conversation :'D

I think (and hope) you two like where I'm going with the end of the chapter!
Theeds 8th Aug 2014, 8:39 AM edit delete reply
Asuka seems to follow the student diet.
Zomburai 8th Aug 2014, 7:27 PM edit delete reply
All that's missing is some Mac and Cheese and ramen!

So much ramen.
Theeds 8th Aug 2014, 9:39 PM edit delete reply
Don't forget canned chilli. Silverado beef with a bit of leftover salsa from last weekends nachos. Divine
Draginbeard 9th Aug 2014, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
Ugh.. now that there is a recipe for a leaky sphincter
Peter Palmiotti 8th Aug 2014, 4:05 PM edit delete reply
Peter Palmiotti
She'll be lucky to have an aftertaste.
Zomburai 8th Aug 2014, 7:30 PM edit delete reply
I'm not entirely convinced she knows what that is! I mean, she is not striking me as a connoisseur of anything (except maybe ways to fight and kill people) :P
KarToon12 10th Aug 2014, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
Something tells me she's going to want that whole bottle. XD