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Long Way Down, page 6

27th Oct 2014, 6:15 AM in Long Way Down
Long Way Down, page 6

Author Notes

Zomburai 27th Oct 2014, 6:15 AM edit delete
This is why we test theories, Adam ....


So... real talk, guys.

The changes to my style make things look a lot better, but it's much more time consuming (all those noodly little details add up), and my paying job has been hitting me with overtime, and, honestly... this comic just hit its four-year anniversary. I've been doing this for a good long while. I'm feeling run down.

This is sounding dangerously close to an "I'm ending the comic" post, but it's not. Promise. But it is a heads-up that going forward, updates might get missed from time to time. I've been pretty good about having two updates per week for years now, and hopefully I can keep missed updates on that schedule to a minimum until I get my shit sorted out. But, I mean... the buffer's gone (I haven't even been able to keep the one-week-ahead schedule for my Patreon backers... #fuckingfail), and I've been working on Friday's update for a week already. I'm not in a great place right now.

I just wanted to give you guys a head's-up at where I'm at. There will be an update on Friday, and there should be one on the Monday after that. But I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep this streak going.

Thank you very, very much for understanding. I don't deserve an audience as great as you.

Love you all. Seeya Friday.


Muchacho NL 27th Oct 2014, 7:34 AM edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
Just a tip: Go back to once a week, with the bonus of when you DO get an extra update ready, you can either post it, or use it as a buffer.

This comic is WELL worth the wait.
Zomburai 27th Oct 2014, 7:58 AM edit delete reply
That's really kind, Muchacho ... but I've never been down to once a week XD Little scared to make that jump ...
Muchacho NL 28th Oct 2014, 4:44 AM edit delete reply
Muchacho NL
Nothing to be scared of, Zomburai :)

KarToon12 says it: Real life needs to be sorted out before you can keep your commitments to your audience.
Zomburai 29th Oct 2014, 12:03 PM edit delete reply
To a point, Muchacho, but without my audience, I don't have much. :P

I'mma be trying to meet my commitments to you guys as best I can going forward. It's just not going to be as consistent as I want or hope.
JaneB 31st Oct 2014, 6:01 AM edit delete reply
From my pov as a reader, a regular once a week with occasional bonuses is preferable to a supposed two a week with misses - coming to pages and not finding anything new when I was expecting something is sad, especially if you save up web comic visits to use as little bribes to get you through your working day...

But whatever feels best to you - tou're the expert on that!
Zomburai 31st Oct 2014, 6:28 AM edit delete reply
.... you speak very wisely. I'm going to have to ponder that...
KarToon12 27th Oct 2014, 8:43 AM edit delete reply
Don't worry; get real life sorted out first. That's more important. We'll all still be here. :)
Zomburai 29th Oct 2014, 11:58 AM edit delete reply
Eh, real life's mostly sorted out. It's the comics and art life that's suffering. :/

But thanks for understanding, 'Toon. You're awesome. o.ob
Draginbeard 27th Oct 2014, 4:20 PM edit delete reply
Had the same problem when I started doing mine in color. I had to drop down to once a week. Not what I wanted, but with work and real life, I had to go with what I could manage.

Im sticking around either way, this is really good stuff, man.
Zomburai 29th Oct 2014, 11:59 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, we do have to stick with what we can manage, don't we? Just sucks.

And thanks for sticking with, man. You're awesome, too! o.ob
Theeds 28th Oct 2014, 6:54 PM edit delete reply
Do what you need to do mate. Life happens to the best and worst of us. Just remember that the sky is still up, the ground is still down, and you can still move.
Zomburai 29th Oct 2014, 12:00 PM edit delete reply
I'm a comics artist with a full-time office job. I think the ability to move might be diminishing ... :P

But thanks for understanding, Theeds. You, too, are awesome. o.ob