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Veracious Creatures, page 4

28th Mar 2016, 5:49 AM in Veracious Creatures
Veracious Creatures, page 4

Author Notes

Zomburai 28th Mar 2016, 5:49 AM edit delete
Check it out! Mawa, Uche, and Morna are back! (Okay, Uche probably wasn't a surprise, considering he's a main character.)

Deacon Kennedy is new--you get to see him from his very first appearance, you lucky devil.

See you on Friday, all!


Delta-v 28th Mar 2016, 5:11 PM edit delete reply
What we have here is a Class A burning-and-entering.
Zomburai 30th Mar 2016, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
Which means our heroes are hot on the case! >_>
KarToon12 28th Mar 2016, 7:57 PM edit delete reply
Also jot down on the police report that the suspect was hot stuff.

Nice to see Uche again; he's my favorite character. :)
Zomburai 30th Mar 2016, 8:02 PM edit delete reply
Witnesses report the suspect has a fiery personality.

I thought you might appreciate his return :P
melaredblu 28th Mar 2016, 9:56 PM edit delete reply
Gotta love that incredibly smug grin in panel five.
Zomburai 30th Mar 2016, 8:04 PM edit delete reply
That may have been the first time I've ever shown Mawa smiling in this comic!

I'll chock that up to "character development" :P